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This 2021, many Marathon events in Japan have been canceled due to COVID-19.

Now people all around the world are fighting against the virus; there are many runners that exercise daily and work hard to maintain their health and fitness.

This year’s tournament is difficult to participate from overseas, we want to share Iwate Morioka City Marathon, and bring motivation to run. We hope that this will become of use to everyone developing their physical fitness.

We hope that runners will look forward to joining us again at Morioka in Japan. As for 2021, we will be hosting the Iwate Morioka City 2021 Online Marathon in which you can participate from anywhere in the world. Have fun and run the full marathon within a month.

We look forward to your participation.


Iwate Morioka City 2021 Online Marathon

Race Day

September 24 2021 – October 24 2021


Iwate Morioka City Marathon Committee

Category・Entry Fees

Total Distance 4,500 JPY


100 person

Award Presentation

No awards


July 3 2021 – September 16 2021 * Extended

How To Enter

Step1Entry (Deadline: September 16 2021)

Please enter through the RUNNET GLOBAL site.

ENTRY from overseas
Please sign up (free) if you are not a member yet.
Step2Race Period (September 24 2021 – October 24 2021)
Please use a running app or watch GPS that you own to participate.
Run a total distance further than the running category you entered for, within the Race Period.

You may run with a BIB (number card) downloadable from the website. ※coming soon.
You may run whenever, wherever.

Step3Race Period (September 24 2021 – October 24 2021)
A Record Certificate will be available online. (You will need to fill out the information yourself. This is a template.) ※coming soon.
Send in your results by E-mail, proving your completion of the race. This can be a screenshot or picture of your running application or GPX data.

Designated E-mail address
(Deadline: December 1, 2021)

Step4Mailing of the Participant Prize face mask (Beginning of November 2022)
Mailing of the Participant Prize face mask.

Application Terms

NOTICE: All participants must agree to and abide the following Application terms upon entry.

  • We cannot accept the change of race category or name, cancellation, and transfer of rights, once the registration is completed. Refunds are not possible unless there is faulty to the organizer.
  • You are free to choose your course. However, please keep in mind the situation of COVID-19 and mindfully choose an environment you can safely run in each country and region.
  • Please be sure to follow traffic rules and facility rules, such as manners at parks.
  • Please avoid running in groups. In cases that you will be running with multiple people, please be sure to keep enough distance.
  • Be sure to manage your health before starting the race, and in the case that you do not feel comfortable, stop running.
  • The organizer is not responsible for any injury, sickness, or accidents that happen upon participation in the race. There is no applicable insurance, either.
  • Participants must agree in advance that pictures and videos may be posted on, Monthly Runners, RUNNET (RUNNET GLOBAL), the official website, social media, and others, and entrust the organizer with the portrait rights.
  • The organizers acknowledge the importance of personal data and will strictly comply with privacy policies and related laws. The organizer will use personal information based on these laws and policies.
  • Your personal information will be used to: improve service for race participants, deliver participation guides and information on future races, notify and announce race results, provide service from sponsors, supporting organizations, and related organizations.

Bonus Prize

Original face mask
All participants will receive a 『Iwate Morioka Original face mask』
















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